Hi. I'm April. What I hope to achieve with this tumblr is a somewhat accurate portrait of myself captured in small bite sized chunks of what I'm currently feeling, who I'm loving, what I'm eating, what I believe in, what amuses me, what disappoints me, what inspires me, what makes me laugh out loud and especially which puppies I think are the cutest. Oh, and maybe a meme or two; this is a tumblr after all.
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THIS IS HAPPENING!!! (at Disneyland)

Pressroom’s a little busy. The stacks of paper are taller than me.

Seafood spaghetti (at Tender Greens La Jolla-UTC)

Found this funny pic with @car_uhh can’t wait to see you!!!!

Hey @pinoy2cool @reezybabyy and @sammybearlol I thought you might enjoy my new necklace ⚡️

Hey @timstagram619 are you hiding a pot of gold in your car?

Wtf! Rain! I didn’t sign up for this!!

Oh my goodness. Trying to organize back issues from the last year.

The bombshells finally found their place over the desks!

(via laracroftsspouse)

🙌 (at Carnitas’ Snack Shack - Carmel Valley)


That moment when you hear they are adapting the Titans/Teen Titans into a live action tv series  


(via laracroftsspouse)

It’s amazing how in 1 year things can change everything

I can’t believe how things can turn around so fast. I was super disappointed about almost every aspect of my life around this time last year probably since I’ve moved to San Diego.

A shift in perspective and a lot of brutal honesty has made me the happiest I’ve been since… Ever, actually.

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